Drew Downie
Designer. Creative. Entrepreneur.

The Beautiful Product


Inside almost every product on the shelf today you can find art.

Every gear, hinge, screw, wire, and resistor within those units on the shelf all come together to form a fully functional machine. Sometimes the parts number in the hundreds. Sometimes there are thousands.

These parts are often known only for what they do and the purpose they serve. The words internal flange and PCB sub screw might not mean much to you or even sound the least bit exciting, but if you simply take them out of the context—far removed from their one task in a complex machine—one can find the beauty that lies in their form as well as their function.

Literally. Take away the p in "part", and you get "art".

I chose to disassemble a Polaroid 600 camera, because of it's recognizable purpose and simple exterior that hid a supremely complex network of moving pieces. There weren't any electronic sensors, memory chips, or LCD displays to be found. Every piece of plastic and shred of metal had a specific and finite physical job in order to make the magic happen.

Push button. Take photo. Print image.

So next time you look at a well designed product, think about the inside. It's just as pretty in there too.

The Beautiful Product