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OSSIC Kickstarter Launch


OSSIC is a 3D audio technology company that’s revolutionizing the way we hear sound in headphones. After spending over a year in stealth mode developing a proof of concept, the founding team was ready for the spotlight. I was tasked with helping the team bring their story to Kickstarter with the goal to raise both awareness and early funds for the company’s first product, the OSSIC X 3D audio headphones. The campaign was a massive success, garnering over $2.4M in pledges within 45 days, and becoming one of the top 40 campaigns of all time.

Video Production: Johnathan Veleta

OSSIC 3D Audio Kickstarter Launch Campaign



Teaser Video Creative Strategy

Any successful campaign is won by building awareness and an audience before the launch even begins, and we knew OSSIC would be no different. To help drive early signups I worked alongside John Veleta to concept, write, and produce a short teaser video to generate early interest. The creative focused on sound and the human body, bringing a sense of curiosity and excitement around the world we hear everyday. This video was leveraged on social media and other platforms, driving customers to specific landing pages for email capture. 

Campaign Launch Video

A key launch video is one of the most crucial elements of any campaign. It not only has to generate interest, but for OSSIC we also had to explain a complex technology in a digestible way. Alongside John and his team we created and produced the entire campaign video, leveraging key interviews, product reactions, and motion graphics to lead the viewer through a journey of 3D audio and how the OSSIC X was set to change audio forever. 

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$2.7M Raised. Records Set.

$2.7M Raised. Records Set.

Through the combined launch efforts of the entire team, the campaign launched to a massive success, surpassing the initial funding goal within the first hour and closing at $2.7M to become the highest grossing VR-related crowdfunding campaign of all time — surpassing even the Oculus Rift.

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