When You Were 12

I learned a little bit more about myself, my fellow peers, and the 450 employees within Wieden+Kennedy.

As our first brief, WK12 was tasked with introducing ourselves to the agency, and introducing the agency to itself. At the time that was over 450 people.

We decided to focus on one thing that people here have in common, which is being 12 years old.

We each interviewed 40 people in the agency and asked them to write us a story from when they were 12. The results were displayed in a week long exhibition that completely filled the main atrium.

Role: Designer, Maker, Interviewer

The Preparation
We printed posters and screenprinted limited edition collection boxes that were hung all around the agency for employees to hand in their stories. I was tasked with designing a display method for all of the posters.

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The Event
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The Website
We loaded all of the stories and individual caricature drawings onto a searchable website only accessible to W+K Employees. Each employee could search other employees through keywords relating to their story, or just their name.