MINI Hong Kong

I learned what it is like to work with an international team to solve a real client problem.

While an exchange student in Hong Kong, I participated in a group project with students from several other design disciplines. BMW MINI approached us to generate buzz about their relatively new MINI brand in Hong Kong.

We wanted to celebrate the idea that everybody's MINI is unique. We also knew that people in Hong Kong enjoy public exhibitions. So we decided to combine the two.

And what a better way to highlight uniqueness of MINI cars other than by letting someone actually design a their own.

We presented our concept to BMW, but in the end the client chose another group's direction, and I had to leave to return to the states.

How it Works
White plastic MINI "Ghost Cars" would be placed guerilla style at various high population points throughout the city. The sticker would direct people to the competition page.

A Blank Slate
Visitors could download a printable template that they could customize any way they chose. Several blank templates would be also be sent to influential people and celebrities within the city. Those templates would could be emailed back to the competition site.

The Exhibition
The winning 2003 designs would be chosen and actually applied to plastic MINI cooper models. These models would be shown in the art show exhibition in the form of the world.