Evergreen Waterpark Campaign

Initial Concept
I learned that nothing gets people's attention more than putting a 747 on the roof of your waterpark.

When Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon was set to open a new educational waterpark, they came to WK12 to help get people in the doors.

As art director, I presented this initial concept along one of my teammates. It became clear to us that tying a space and aviation museum, and a waterpark together came down to the individual discoveries a child can find at each, and how artifacts play a role in those discoveries:

The artifacts at the Evergreen Air and Space Museum celebrate history. Far beyond any words on a page, they tell stories of man’s achievements in flight and discoveries made into unknown worlds.

At the new Wings and Waves waterpark, the artifacts tell a slightly different story.

They tell a story where flippers and kickboards allow children to experience the wonder of propulsion and flotation in a wave pool. Where water rafts work with the laws of gravity to whip you down one of the four waterslides into a splash landing. It is a place where flip flops – and not moon boots – make the first steps toward new heights, and where swimsuits replace spacesuits as the uniform of choice. The museum may celebrate discoveries, but now there is a place where you can make your own.

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum now has a waterpark.

Final Campaign
In the end, the client went with the following direction, thus proving again that life isn't fair and you don't always win.

That final campaign was “The Only Waterpark that Comes with An Aviation and Space Museum.”
After all, nowhere else in the USA could you go from doing a cannonball into a wavepool, to sitting in the spruce goose before your suit even dried.

I played a major part role in this project, doing the dance between co-art director, producer, and designer.

The campaign went national and to this date the waterpark continues to have record attendance.

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TV Spots
These aired both local and nationally, including the halftime of the NBA Finals, and the last episode of Oprah.

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Out Of Home

The full wrapped bus was the first in Portland in 5 years.

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