7 Summer Drinks

I learned that the negative stigma against those fruity, mini-umbrella, summery drinks can be changed. All you need to do is learn how to make them.

After the successful first edition of "7 Drinks", my friend Matt and I felt the opportunity was there for a follow up event based around some summer classics.

And we were right.

The Invite
With the help of some fellow 12ers, we shot this little teaser to get people in the agency interested in the event.

The Look
Not wanting to fall into the "summer theme" trap, we decided to use cuban handpainted signs as inspiration. We proceeded to take apart old wood pallets and rebuild them as rickety signs that you might find in the streets of Havana. The signs were so popular that we auctioned them off at the end of the event to help pay for the costs. Some sold for $50.

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The Tickets
To garner more interest throughout the agency, each guest was hand delivered their ticket, along with a little "taste" of one of the summer drink ingredients.

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The Event
7 stations, 7 local bartenders, food, a DJ, and great summer weather.

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The Takeaway
As they left the party, guests received this summer themed poster with a list of recipes.

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